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Light color: DayLight
Watt & Lumens
Bulb Holder
  • Technical data

    Manufacturer ULTRALIGHT
    Made in CHINA
    Voltage 220-240V
    Frequency 50-60HZ
    CRI 80
    Long Life 25000/h
    Dimmable NO 


  • product review

    In the event of a power outage, the Blackout Bulb will lead the way! This light will work even when there's no power. If the power fails and the bulb was on, the bulb will stay on; if the bulb was off, simply flip the wall switch and the bulb will turn on. This LED bulb has an incredible lifespan of 50,000 hours, and will last five to eight hours before needing to be recharged.

    It can even be lit in unconventional ways. You can unscrew it, hold it in your hand and move from room to room, and it will stay lit. You can create a lantern with it by placing it in a glass containing just enough water to cover the white tip at the end, and then you could could use it on a table to light up a game or help you read a book—it's a whole lot safer than using candles! The bulb can even be lit by placing it in the dirt of a house plant, or by taking some of that dirt and putting in a glass instead of the water.
    • Recharges with normal use
    • Uses 1/3 the power of a normal incandescent
    • 9W is equivalent to 75-watt incandescent
    • 9-watt LED bulb
    • Colour: warm
    • Country of origin: China