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Light Mode:
1)    When the illuminance is lower than 15LM, the lamp will automatically light according to internal procedures. When the person walks within the sensor’s sensing range, the lamp will reach 100% brightness. After the person leaves in 5 minutes, the light will reach 5% brightness in the power-saving mode.
2)   Working time: °8hours

  • Human sensor: When the illumination is lower than 15LM, the light will be automatically turn on according to internal procedure. When the people go through the induced area, the light will reach 100% brightness. When people leave, the light will be down to 5% brightness within five minutes.
Color: Dark gray
Light color
Watt & Lumens
  • Data sheet

    Body material


    Diffuser Opal
    Type of protection


    Solar panel 5V, Energy-efficient Conversion rate: 17%
    Battery Li-ion battery: 3.7V 3000mAh