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Color: yellow
Light color
Watt & Lumens
  • info

    Body material die-casted of aluminum alloy. and surface plastic-sprawl!
    Diffuser Clear
    Type of protection IP65 / Anti-Explosion
    Nominal voltage 220V-240V
    Mains frequency 50~60/Hz


  • Features

    The case is die-casted of aluminum alloy. surface plastic-sprayed on

    high-pressure electrostatic technique which is high anticorrosive.

    *High impact resistance tempered glass cover. with anti-dazzle design.

    *Seal gasket is made of heat resistant and anti-aging silicone rubber. with

    good features of water and dust proof.

    *Patented integrated structure. cabinets of light source. electrical and

    connection are separated which effectively decreases the temperature

    increasing in cabinets of light source and electrical. and ensures tong

    working lifetime. Cabling is made only in connection cabinet. easy and

    safe in installation and maintenance.

    *Lamp body and outlet device is wireless connected. and the installation

    fittings are universal for all installation types. connection is very easy.

    simple and safe.

    *High purity aluminum reflector end lamp shade. anodic oxidation surface.

    which improves light efficiency.

    *Electronic ballast equipped inside. Integrated light sourced of high-power LEDs.

    *Can be equipped with emergency units. or duel functions of normal and

    emergency. tor corresponding request

    *Extra long lifetime > 5OOOOh. maintenance free over 10 years.

    *High efficiency: saving 80% power than incandescent lamp. power factor

    over 0.98, I luminosity factor > 9oLm/W.

    *Input voltage range ACES-26oV. constant power output. negative circuit

    protection, and high stability